Beth Israel, one of New York’s premier hospitals, has partnered with Teladoc, the oldest and largest Telehealth provider, to offer a more convenient, affordable way to access quality care.

We used the following guidelines in our concept creation for the Teladoc/Beth Israel ad campaign: 

  • Be simple and quick in order to be effective in advertising 
  • Be descriptive - giving a concise, yet clear picture of WHAT this service is, as it is largely unknown (not like an ad for a known quantity, like a phone or soft drink) 
  • Be unique and eye-catching (employing subtle humor) 
  • Be executable and scalable – both as a single viewing and considering multiple touch points; online and in print; and short-format (banner ad) and long format (ER poster)

The Campaign was featured in NYC in Subway stations, bus shelters and phone kiosks around the city, as well as throughout printed and online magazines, flyers and postcards. 

Bus Shelter Ad


Subway Ad

Phone Kiosk